LinkedIn Profile Mini-Review

Quick and Easy Wins for your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Quick Wins

I perform mini-reviews for my LinkedIn connections and followers. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s something I do at random. Not everyone needs it. I can tell within 60 seconds if a LinkedIn connection or follower is missing out on some easy wins.

363 Mini-Reviews performed up to the last post update.

It’s become much easier now I have this post. I just send a short LinkedIn message with this link.

Are you here because you received a LinkedIn message from me? Just look up the numbered tips below.

Tip 1: Your LinkedIn Headline Can Now Be 220 Characters Long

A recent change means you now have 220 characters to grab people’s attention. Ignore this tip if you are really happy with your current headline, but if you want to pass the “LinkedIn blink test” or care about personal branding and/or growth on LinkedIn, check out this quick guide.

Stand Out in 220 Characters: Mastering Your LinkedIn Headline

Tip 2: Not Showing Your Top Skills In Your About Section

Shine a light on your Top 5 Skills in your About section. You choose what goes here.

Tip 3: Are Your Privacy Settings Having A Negative Affect On Your Discoverability On LinkedIn?

Definitely ignore this tip if your current privacy settings are intentional and you are happy with them.

I point this out because most people want to grow their professional network on LinkedIn, and privacy settings have a huge impact on how you show up to the other billion LinkedIn users.

Ever wondered why some profile photos are just grey boxes? You might be unintentionally hiding parts of your profile! Dive into your ‘Privacy and Settings’ and take a closer look at the ‘Visibility’ settings.

Chances are, you’re hiding something you thought was public. Adjust your settings:

You get to choose the level of visibility with:

  • Only visible to me
  • 1st degree connections
  • 1st and 2nd degree connections
  • Anyone on LinkedIn

Ensure your profile shines the way you intend!

Tip 4: Claim Your LinkedIn Personal Profile URL

Learn how to replace the rubbish LinkedIn profile URL assigned to you when you signed-up, into something that makes more sense like www.linkedin/in/foxtucker

Don’t worry. The old one automatically redirect to your new one.

How To Claim Your Personal LinkedIn Profile URL

I share more LinkedIn Tips in my bi-weekly LinkedIn Newsletter.

Fox Tucker is Digital Marketing Manager for an International Media Publishing Company, and LinkedIn marketing specialist that loves to help people thrive on LinkedIn.