First Impressions Count : Profile Basics

Can your LinkedIn profile pass the ‘blink test’? 🤔

In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, your LinkedIn profile has mere seconds to make an impression.

Make sure your headline is compelling, your summary concise but informative, and keywords relevant to your industry are dotted throughout.

And don’t forget that professional-looking headshot! Needless to say, that blurry snap from last year’s Christmas do won’t cut it here.

So go on. Have a look at your LinkedIn profile today. Could it pass the blink test?

Professional Headshot: Profile Picture

A blurry selfie at last years Christmas Party won’t cut it here. Over time your network will come to recognise you as they scroll through their feed and post comments. A professional looking headshot that stands out from the crowd is what’s required.

Note the word headshot. A full length photo of you stood in front of the bathroom mirror doesn’t work well on the mobile app. It’s entirely up to you, but I’m also not interested in profile photos of you and your partner or kids on a canal boat holiday.

A free Canva account can be used to make your profile photo really pop. Your smartphone can also be used to apply filters, but a trout pout will always see me decline a connection invite.

Header Image

The large image at the top f your profile really sets the tone of the first impression. Load an image that’s 1584 pixels by 396 pixels. To achieve better quality, double the dimensions.

It’s worth noting that any nice large image is better than no image at all.

A free Canva account has loads of ready-made templates to suit all tastes.


Your headline is really important. You now have up to 220 characters to grab our attention and give us a reason to follow you. Ditch the default headline and craft something that passes the blink test.

Stand Out in 220 Characters: Mastering Your LinkedIn Headline

Talks About

Switch to LinkedIn Creator Mode to unlock this feature.

1-5 Topics (hashtags) are used to let people know what you post about on LinkedIn. They also play an important part in your profile discoverability.

Other LinkedIn users will use your listed topics to decide whether of follow or connect with you or accept your connection invite. You can change them at anytime.

How To Activate Creator Mode: Step by Step

Fox Tucker is Digital Marketing Manager for an International Media Publishing Company, and LinkedIn marketing specialist that loves to help people thrive on LinkedIn.