How To Activate Creator Mode: Step by Step

It takes seconds to activate Creator Mode, but need to have decided on your 1-5 topics (hashtags) before you start. You must add at least one to activate the save button. You can add, change, or remove them at any time.

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These Topics (hashtags) are used to show visitors to your LinkedIn profile what you post about. They also play a very important part in your profile discoverability.

They also have a powerful effect on your efforts to grow your professional network (connections and followers). Other LinkedIn users often use these topics to decide whether to follow or connect with you or accept your connection invite. You can change them at any time.

If you’re stuck. I recommend starting out with broad topics, including your profession or business sector. For example: an HR professional employed by a large construction business might start out with #hr #humanresources #recruitment #construction

You can always check the popularity of a hashtag on LinkedIn to see how many people follow the hashtag. Most hashtags have a hub page. It’s on this hub and in searches that you’re hoping to show up.

The Human Resources hashtag has 30+ million followers!

Instructions on Desktop

To turn on creator mode on desktop:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click View Profile.
  3. Click Next on the Creator mode preview pop-up window.
  4. Add topics (hashtags) to indicate the topics you post about the most.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Follow the prompts to turn on creator mode.

Instructions on Mobile

To turn on creator mode on mobile:

  1. Tap your profile photo, then tap View Profile.
  2. Scroll down to Resources and tap on Creator mode: Off.
  3. Tap Next on the preview pop-up.
  4. Tap Add Topics (hashtags) to indicate the topics you post about the most.
  5. Tap Save.
  6. Follow the prompts to turn on creator mode.

Fox Tucker is Digital Marketing Manager for an International Media Publishing Company, and LinkedIn marketing specialist that loves to help people thrive on LinkedIn.