About Fox Tucker

Fox Tucker

By night and at weekends, Fox spends time sharing his LinkedIn expertise by providing data-driven LinkedIn strategies, proven practical tips, and ideas on LinkedIn.

By day, Fox Tucker is the Digital Marketing Manager for an international media publishing company. Outlook Publishing Ltd has a portfolio of nine B2B digital publications and employs 50+ people.

Part of the digital marketing strategy makes extensive use of Fox’s 10+ years LinkedIn marketing expertise. Fox provides LinkedIn onboarding, training and support to 50+ colleagues. From professional personal profile optimisation and LinkedIn company pages to LinkedIn Newsletters and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

www.leaders.social is Fox’s hub for providing easy access for his colleagues and LinkedIn network.

Fox is a fan of the Pareto Principle. The 80/20 productivity rule that sees 80% of output being caused by 20% of the input and that 80% of results are generated by 20% of the people. This site is for those that aspire to be in the 20%!

Fox has helped 250+ individuals meet their goal of establishing themselves as a Thought Leader on LinkedIn, and is on a mission to help his colleagues establish themselves as authentic Thought Leaders in their sectors.