The Journey To LinkedIn Thought Leadership

This visual representation of the journey to becoming a Thought Leader is entirely unscientific. It’s based of my gut instinct and 10+ years of LinkedIn experience. Though is goes some way to show the proportion of effort required to be reach Thought Leadership.

The actual purpose of the image is to show you that regardless of where you currently stand on Your LinkedIn journey, you are in fact already on your way to Thought Leadership. Though you can of course choose to stay exactly where you are. Thought Leadership takes a lot of effort. It will feel like a part-time job at times.

For clarity, Thought Leadership is just one step on from a Personal Branding User, which is one step on from being a Pro LinkedIn User, which is one step on from a Standard LinkedIn user.

The image is as much for me as it is for you. Now I have a clear understanding how to best structure my content on, and layout it out for you in the most intuitive manner. Clever, eh?

This going to be very satisfying.

Fox Tucker is Digital Marketing Manager for an International Media Publishing Company, and LinkedIn marketing specialist that loves to help people thrive on LinkedIn.